I quit

No more. I can’t continue to put my self through this month after month. My heart breaks for what should have been. I have been tortured enough. I choose peace. Photo Credit Pinterest Advertisements

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16 DPO

Nothing. No AF. No Spotting. No cramping. No Nausea. I am okay. What ever is meant to happen is what will happen. I took a HPT at 14 DPO and it was BFN. So now we wait.

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12 DPO Not Obsessing.

We’re coming up to that interesting part of my cycle where we’re still acting totally cool about it all, you know what ever happens, happens… not obsessing over symptoms. I came home from work today and had a power nap. Pregnancy symptom? Pre-menopausal symptom? Just tired cause I’ve had a massive week? Who knows?! Currently […]

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10 DPO – Nausea is here again

Annnndddd I spoke too soon… So nauseous… 3 cycles in a row now. I guess I should be thankful that it didn’t happen until 10DPO this cycle, the previous 2 cycles have been 4DPO! I could fix the problem by going on hormone treatment since I am ‘probably’ peri-menopausal. Of course that would 100% end […]

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9 DPO & Fertility Smoothie

CD 20 / 9 DPO – Watery CM, Sore Boobies, Fatigue, nothing else to report. Thankful to not be nauseous this cycle! That was a cruel trick my body played on me 2 cycles in a row. I’m wondering if it had anything to do with the Royal Jelly I trialed. At first I was […]

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Another weird cycle

I feel like this year that my body isn’t conforming to any particular pattern. My current cycle is no exception. I’m not charting or temping anymore. I found that I just got too obsessive with it all which led to bitter disappointment at the end of every cycle. So anyways now I just obsess over […]

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