Step One

Today we met with Leigh a fertility nurse at the Fertility Centre we’re considering. She was late due to an EPU (I’m slowly getting the hang of these acronyms 🤓). Of course this deviation had my Leigh freaking out. Thankfully Leigh (the nurse) quickly had Leigh (the husband-confused yet?) back on side with her friendly […]

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Life two weeks at a time

When you suffer from infertility your life is broken down into two week blocks. Cycle day 1 to Ovulation, Ovulation to the day that your hopes are dashed once again. This is the way we have been living for the past year and a half since the miscarriage (as well as several years before). Hoping […]

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Don’t Be Ashamed

Either there will be a happy ending or I’ll help someone who is treading this path. Either way I refuse to be silent anymore. Infertility and miscarriage are such taboo subjects in our society. Why are we forcing ourselves to be silent when we want to scream to the moon. No more silence.

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Tu Me Manques

In the week following our complete miscarriage I had a dream. It bought me such comfort at a time where I wondered how I could ever find the strength to go on. I walked up a grassy hill to a large white building. There was a familiar woman standing there waiting for me. I recognised […]

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